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Fire Station Buddies, Inc.
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Products & Training

The Pact - Book 1 in the FSB Series - 6 to 13 yrs old.

Learn how a bunch of fifth graders stumbled on to a few clues that lead them to find a group of elite wild animals that not only talk but help the firefighters at Station 2 do their jobs.

Kids - Jordan, Will, Kate, Annie, Michael & Ryan
Animals - Flame, Sage, Majesty, Stanley, Omega & Max

Kate & Majesty - Book 2 in the FSB Series - Available 2011.

Find out what Kate discovers when she goes to visit her cousin Julia at the sheep ranch in California. Meet Henry the sheep dog, his assisitant Trixie the border collie, Bluebell the head sheep and what is up with all the bees. Kate will have a lot to tell Majesty and the rest of the gang when she gets back to Glacier Creek.

Training Manual

This multi-part book will be released in sections that you purchase and print out on your own printer. Get your kids a 3 ring binder, 2", and they can start collecting each section.

Kids will learn about safety, fire, ice rescue, swift water rescue, search and rescue, preparing for an event, about equipment, trucks, strategy, management of an event and so much more.

The Legend - Picture Book for 5 yrs old and under.

Learn about the cover up at Station 2 and how these pillow animals are used to keep the wild animals a secret.

Inferno, Flash, Hydra, Tundra, Chinook & Scout.

Stealth Team 2 - Picture Book

Learn about Stealth Team 2 and how they help with search & rescue. The only problem is they think they are invisible, since they are camouflaged, so you never know where they will show up.

Chamelon, Midnight, Sahara, Blizzard & Blade