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Fire Station Buddies, Inc.
Po Box 879
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
[email protected]

Mission Statement

1 Million Volunteer Fire Buddies by the end of 2011.

Prepare, Practice, Training, Team Work, Command

I would like to see 1 million kids in the Fire Station Buddies program by the end of 2011. The Buddies will be teaching kids about safety, science, problem solving and emergency management.

The training materials put out by the Fire Buddies over the next few years will teach kids from 5 to 13 what really goes on behind the scenes of an event/disaster and they will learn about tactics, planning, logistics, the media, the equipment we use and start thinking like an Incident Commander. Kids will also learn about volunteering and helping others while having a lot of fun.

Don't let the big words like emergency management scare you. Everyday on TV reporters inform us about some major event that happened, fire, floods, tornados, etc. What most people never see are the hunderds of people that work behind the scene to help on these disasters. Responders are not just fire fighters, their dispatchers, meteriologists, investigaters, forestry mangers, equipment operators, fire scientists, marine biologists, journalists and many others. Almost any career you can think of can be involved in emergency response.

Go to the " Become a Fire Buddy " page and sign your child up for a learning adventure.