Fire Safety Rules Every Student Need to Know

Students are still kids, and even though they have already grown up a bit, they continue to ignore safety rules, believing that nothing bad can happen to them. Nonetheless, no one is safe from an incident through negligence, and everyone can find themselves in such a situation. Fires take a special place on the list of dangerous situations that occur due to negligence and lack of awareness. And since students are on their own in college dorms, the risk of setting a fire is pretty high. What are the crucial fire safety rules every student should know and follow?

No open flames

All magazines say that if you want to create a romantic or relaxing atmosphere, you should light a candle. However, they don’t emphasize that you should keep your eyes open while doing it. Candles become a root cause of about 15,000 fires yearly. Do you want to join this statistic? So, if you are an inattentive person, and you are not ready to watch your candles – don’t light them at all. If you want to arrange a romantic evening with your partner, read an unemployed professors review, deal with your assignments, and take your significant other to a picturesque place.

Have a working smoke alarm

You should make sure that smoke detectors work fine. Usually, campus and dorms are equipped with all the required detectors, but if you live in separate accommodation, you should carefully check everything. If you are looking for an apartment now, then make sure that a smoke alarm will be provided. If you buy it yourself, give preference to the photoelectric type. Many students are bad at cooking at first, so the chances are high that you will not do without a smoke alarm. And if you hear that a smoke alarm goes off, leave the building ASAP. Don’t start grabbing your assignments or other treasures because your life is the biggest value, and you can always turn to and get your papers done. And if you see an open flame and smoke, hold your breath for a minute if you can leave the room fast or try to crawl out to avoid smoke inhalation.

Train self-awareness

If you decide to cook something, don’t leave your boiling pots unsupervised. And anyway, make sure that your kitchen is equipped with a fire extinguisher of the required class. However, if you have none, but you have managed to set a small fire on the stove, you can smother it with baking soda. Remember that fire spreads very quickly, and if you cannot cope with it at once, you should go outside right away and call 911. Most dorms forbid students to use certain devices, for instance, a microwave. You know sometimes it is really worth following the rules because if you study review and use such services, you cannot harm anyone, but when you break fire safety rules, it can lead to awful consequences.

Arrange a party carefully

It is useless to tell students not to arrange parties because sooner or later, they break this rule. However, it is one thing when you make some noise, and it is completely another thing when some of your roommates or guests have overdrunk and decided to show some “cool” thing. In 7 out of 10 cases, such an idea has negative consequences. Thus, someone may leave a stray cigarette, break a lamp, or decide to light candles. And if there is no sober person who can keep their eyes open, a great party can turn into a real catastrophe.