The Muppet Movie

Everyone at Station 2 went to see The Muppet Movie this last weekend and it was a great trip down memory lane.  It was silly, sad and all Muppet. The kids will love it.

We did take Flame, Stanley, Majesty, Max and Sage with us and they sat in the isle.  Omega stayed outside since there was not a good place for him to perch in the theatre.  The animals had never seen the Muppet’s and they didn’t realize that there are other talking animals out in the world. Stanley thought Fozzy was a cool bear and is now telling jokes to all the kids.  The kids told Stanley to stick with safety and forget the jokes. Flame was amazed that Muppet’s can walk down the streets of New York, when he can’t walk down main street in Glacier Creek.

Jordan, Kate, Annie, Michael, Ryan and Will are all settled in the 6th grade and the old Station 2 has been torn down.  Things have been quiet in glacier Creek this year and everyone is getting ready for Christmas. The kids offered to decorate the forest by the animals cave and they plan to do that in the next few weeks.

What do you get a bobcat, wolf, bear, squirrel, hawk and mountain sheep for Christmas?  The kids are working on that.  If you have any good ideas, lets us know.

Dolphin Tale

I went to see Dolphin Tale this weekend and it was the best family movie I have seen in a long time.  If the DVD is available at Christmas, it would be a great stocking stuffer for the kids.

It is a true story and it is about a dolphin, named Winter, that gets hurt and her tail has to be removed. A doctor at the VA hospital near the rescue center in Florida builds a prosthetic replacement tail similar to the prosthetic limbs he builds for the injured vets.   Winter is the first fish to have a prosthetic limb that actually worked.  There are a lot of ups and downs during the movie but it is a very happy ending.

You can visit Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, , and she has learned to swim with and without her tail.  You may see her tail or you might not.

There is webcam above the tank and an underwater night vision camera in the tank that is really cool.  Winter also has a Facebook page and you can go visit her in person at the aquarium.

The Real Inflation Numbers – Sept 8.5%

The inflation numbers are out for September and I am always amazed that people don’t understand what the number represents and that they are falling for a huge con.
In 2009, the government changed the way the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was calculated. This was done since Social Security payments are adjusted yearly based on the CPI number. The government adjusts checks to reflect any increase in inflation for its recipients. Our favorite government took food and energy out of the CPI calculation. Why? Because, the government doesn’t want to pay you more money or help with inflation, so they changed the calculation. Seniors, who mostly live on a fixed income, are now losing money on Social Security.
September’s CPI number is 3.8%. Wow that’s great, but if you add food and energy back in, the real number is 8.5%+. Most economists will tell you that when we get to 10% things will start to get bad and could go to worse. I feel like we are already at bad and I’m not looking forward to worse.
Here are a few highlights from the report, go to to read the entire summary.
In the last year (12 months)…..
Food is up 6.3%
Dairy is up 10.2%
Gas is up 33%
Fuel Oil is up 33%
Electricity is up 3%
So what these numbers tell me is that my home should run on electricity and I shouldn’t drive anywhere or eat any diary. The real cause of these increases is not that these items are more expensive or there is more demand than supply, it is because of QE1 & QE2. As the Federal Reserve prints money, and they have printed over $1.2T worth of money in the last two years, the value of your dollar falls.
As of today the dollar is worth about 76 cents thanks in large part to the Federal Reserve. The value of the dollar is expected to keep falling over the next few years. If you can, start stocking your pantry, so you can make it through all the above government help.

Who Are The Fire Station Buddies?

My name is Flame (bobcat) and I am the leader of the Fire Station Buddies.  My second in command is Sage (wolf) and she does search and rescue. Majesty (big horn sheep) oversees wildfires, while Stanley (black bear) does swift water and ice rescue.  Max (squirrel) lives at Station 2 and is in charge of communications and the last member of  the team is Omega and his is always watching the area for any problems.

We live in Glacier Creek, CO and we can talk.  A long time ago there was a pact between the animals and the firefighters but it has been forgotten.  We need your help to reinstate the pact and to start training with the firefighters once again.  We are currently working with a group of kids, Jordan, Will, Kate, Ryan, Annie & Michael, and they are learning all about safety, planning, logistics, tactics and more.

Sign up at The Fire Station Buddies and become a member of the team.

Transformers 3 -Dark Of The Moon

I went and saw the Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon, movie this weekend and it was awesome.  The special affects are over the top and there was so much action that I was tired at the end of the movie from sitting on the edge of my seat in suspense.

I like the story line and how Apollo 11 didn’t go to the moon for mankind but to find out what crashed on the surface.  You guessed it, it was a ship from Cybertron with technology that could have saved their world but will destroy ours.

There are a lot of bad auto-bots in this movie that all work for Megatron and cause endless problems. They are constantly destoying things and pretty much trash downtown Chicago, where the final battle takes place. As always there is an endless array of really cool cars.  Will the Transformers save the planet or is the earth toast?

While I have always considered the Transformers for kids, this movie was for adults.  There is a lot of destruction, the auto-bots leak blood when killed and there was some strong language throughout.  It was a really good movie but I don’t think you should take your kids unless they are pre-teens.

Emergency Backpack

It seems that disaster season is now all year long and depending on where you live, you may be dealing with hurricanes, tornadoes, flood or fire. The Fire Station Buddies teach your kids about having an emergency backpack ready to go for any emergency.  What do you put in it and what do you do with it?

For kids, it needs to contain a flash light, snacks, clothes, toys and things to do.

For a family to survive you need a backpack with emergency items in it, like food and water, that will allow you to get buy for up to 72 hours..  Below is a company ( ) that sells emergency backpacks all ready to go or you can make our own.  The idea is to have it ready to go for any emergency.  You can grab it and take it with you or if you are stranded after a disaster then you have food, water and other items that you can use until emergency personnel can rescue you.

I will discuss an emergency kit in the next blog. Go to the Fire Station Buddies for more information.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Another item that you need to put together is an emergency preparedness kit and this will be a plastic box that will hold food, water and other items in it, that can be used or taken with you in a disaster event.

After Katrina there were hundreds of people stranded on the roofs of their house after New Orleans flooded. They sat there for days before they were rescued with no water or food.  Depending on where in the US you live and what type of disasters you deal with you will want to put these supplies either in your attic or your basement.

The minimum you should have is

1 gallon of water per person per day (2 days)

Canned fruit

Canned soup/stews

Canned powdered milk

Canned meat (chicken, tuna, spam)

Waterproof Matches

Crank Flashlight or flashlight with new batteries

First Aid Kit


Medical/Surgical Masks

Can Opener

Small Ax

Below is a video that talks about how to make this kit and what other items you might want to put in it.

Disaster Preparedness

Hopefully you are thinking about what to put into your emergency kit and getting that ready for your family.  What happens though if the disaster lasts up to a week or more and you are stuck at your house?  I want you to start working on a self-sufficiency plan for long term disasters.  These would include blizzards, quarantines (illness), power outages, national economic crisis, descruction of roads by tornadoes or earthquakes, etc.

What do you need to consider?

Food – Start buiding a pantry full of the items you need to feed your family for three months.  this includes paper products, trash bags, cleaning & bathroom supplies, gasoline, propane and medicines.

Water, Sewer & Power – Do you need to get a portable back up generator to run the freezer or heaters? You need one gallon a day of water per person.  Where is your waste going?

How to Cook Without Power – Do you have a cook stove, fireplace or gas grill?

How to Keep Your Family Entertained – Without power there is no TV, computer, phones and other gadgets we use everyday.

Visit and click on the prepradness plan tab for the detailed list and take a step closer to being prepared.

Emergency Phone Numbers For Your Kids

Emergencies or disasters don’t always happen when your entire family is all together, so how do you contact each other if you are separated?

The Boulder fire last year started at 10 am. Most people were at work and the kids were in school.  Depending on the event the school may have been evacuated and the kids taken to a safe place.  What if the cell towers are down and you can’t get back to your house?

You need to have your kids memorize a phone number of another family member or friend so all of you have one person to call and get information.  Most people use grandma and she can live in another state.  Young kids have trouble remembering numbers, so you need to make up a story with the phone number.  Below are the Fire Buddies phone and fax number, as examples.


Three dogs, zero rats and three cats were having tea in the afternoon.  We brought eight cubes of sugar, zero cookies and three drops of honey for the tea, meowed the cats.  We brought two spoons, six cups and six plates barked the dogs.  They had a wonderful time drinking tea and they ate nine muffins.


Three monster trucks, zero motorcycles and three super cars decided to race.  The cars felt that they could win but the monster trucks were planning a victory as well.  The race would take place on four highways, through eight states and it would take four days.  The winner would get six new spark plugs, three car washes, six new tires and nine gallons of gas.  Ready, set, go – and the race began.

Use things that your child likes and let them help you make up the story.  Have them recite it back to you one a month or so and they will remember it forever.  It is also a good way to remember spelling words and all kinds of other things.  Just make sure you do not accidentally add numbers into the story.  Three cats were having tea one day. 3 and 1.  Was there a 1 or just a 3 in the number.

Let me know what you come up with.

Favorite Ring Tones

I was asked the other day about what ring tones I had on my phone, so here is my list.  A few of them even made the Top 10 Ring Tone list of favorites.  Looking at the list you can see that I like music for my ring tones and not just sounds.  My husband is sooo boring, his phone is a regular phone ringing, what a waste.

Super Mario Brothers – Underworld

Pirates of the Caribbean

Prince of Persia

Halo 3

Third Day – Revelation, Slow Down

Christina Aguilera – Keeps Getting Better

Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day

Pink – So What

Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day

So what are your favorites? Let me know, I might want to use them.