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Fire Station Buddies, Inc.
Po Box 879
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
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How It All Began

The Fire Station Buddies were created strategically and with purpose.  Author Karen McHale is a chemical engineer, volunteer firefighter, and an emergency planner.  She has a professional background and knowledge that lead to the beginning of the Fire Station Buddies.

When McHale’s boys were growing up she used to sew them pillow buddies.  These pillows were great because not only did the boys get to pick out the crazy patterned materials, but they were soft and great to snuggle with.  These pillow buddies began to be donated to fire stations to be a part of the fire safety scene.

McHale then decided to create a story for her characters.  Not only did she want to create a story but she wanted to create one with a purpose.  The Fire Station Buddies stories will teach children emergency management and become expert problem solvers.  There are books for those who are five years and younger as well as those who are twelve years old and younger.

Fire Station Buddies is a wonderful opportunity to teach your children emergency skills.  Parents will feel assured knowing their child can help themselves and others in an emergency situation.  Take the time to learn more about Fire Station Buddies and get your children started today!