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What Aspects of Fire Safety to Teach Children

What is fire safety?  Is it understanding to stop, drop, and roll if you’re on fire?  Is it understanding that smoke means a fire is near?  There are many important aspects to fire safety.  A child must learn fire safety in order to protect themselves and others in the case of a fire.  Children must learn about fire detection, fire gear, and the fire safety services offered in the community.

One of the first steps in successfully escaping a fire is first knowing that there is a fire.  Many children may be busy playing in their rooms, watching TV, etc.  It is important to teach children signs of a fire that would alert them to either fight or flight.  First point to mention is smoke.  We should tell children that if there is not an adult present to explain to them that everything is OK, then they should notify everyone that there is a fire in the house.  It is also important to know that while trying to escape from a fire that if a door knob is hot, there is a good chance that room is full of fire.  Once a child learns the signs of a fire they should then move on to learning what gear in the house could protect them.

The most obvious fire gear to teach children about is a fire extinguisher.  It is important to show children not only where all of the extinguishers in the home are, but also how to use them.  This is useful because if the child were to ever come across a small flame they would know how to extinguish it before it consumes an entire room, home, building, etc.  It is also important to let them know if you have a fire escape ladder around the home.  This will give them an excellent way to escape if need be.

Lastly, teach your children about the fire services offered in your neighborhood and community.  Teach all children to use 911 even if they think they have stopped a fire themselves (professionals should come out to make sure).  Let your child know which neighbors are trained and are safe to visit for help in an emergency situation.  Also, make sure you have gone over your family escape plan more than once so your child has it memorized.

There are many important aspects to fire safety. Simply teaching your children even the basics could save themselves and those around them.