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What Causes A Fire

Many household items and careless actions can cause a fire.  But scientifically, what causes a fire?  It is a known fact that a fire is created through oxygen, heat, and fuel.  So what items could supply all of these to cause a fire in a house, and office building, or out in the wild?

In a home there are many household items that can easily bring all three necessary ingredients of a fire.  In the kitchen you can find a stove.  Just picture a busy mom trying to cook dinner while reading the recipe from a book, but her children are distracting her in the background.  If the stove is on she already has the heat and oxygen.  If she turns to help a child and accidentally bumps the book into the stove, then this now becomes the fuel for the fire to travel somewhere other than under a pot.  It is very important to make sure you are aware of where and what you are placing next to a hot stove.

In an office building there may seem like there is less possibility of a fire, however many places are capable of having oxygen, heat, and fuel.  For example, an office usually has many outlets being used for office machines.  If being used often, office machines (for example, computers), can become warm from much use.  This adds the heat into the equation.  Offices are also full of paperwork; these can especially be found on a desk right next to the computer, supplying the fuel for a fire.  And last but not least, oxygen is already everywhere, so there is a perfect recipe to create a fire in an office building.

Another very common type of fire is a wildland fire and forest fires.  A forest is completely full of trees, offering plenty of fuel for a fire to spread.  After a long hot and dry summer, the trees can be very dry, bringing even more of a chance to start a fire.  If you have a hot day bringing the heat in a forest full of dry trees for fuel, just a little bit of wind added to the mix for oxygen could create a huge fire that would require the work on many firefighters.

It is very important for all of us, children included, to learn how a fire is started.  Knowing the basics can help us prevent or fight a fire strategically and safely.  To give your children the advantage, have them sign up to become a Fire Station Buddy to learn how to become prepared for an emergency response.