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Fire Safety Equipment in Your Home

You can never guarantee that your house is safe from fires.  Fires can come toward your home from the outside, they can be started from faulty appliances, or from that candle you left burning in your bedroom.  This is why it is important to prepare your home for what could happen.  Besides fire escape planning, you could also be prepared to stop a fire before it grows.  There are a few pieces of equipment that could come in handy to have in your household in case of a fire.

One piece of firefighting equipment is a fire extinguisher.  These are great if a small flame is caused in your home and it is safe enough to try and put it out.  It doesn’t hurt to have more than one as well.  Some great places to have a fire extinguisher are in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room (especially if you have a fire place).  Even having one outdoors near your BBQ or grill wouldn’t hurt.
Another piece of equipment that you should always make sure is functioning is a fire alarm and sprinklers.  In the event of a fire during the night, there is a good chance that members of the household wouldn’t notice a fire had ignited.  This is when fire alarms and sprinklers come in handy.  Not only do they alert you to wake up and get out, but they can fight the fire for you.  This is a great tool because if you are suddenly awakened in bed from a fire, most likely you are not prepared to go get the fire extinguisher.

Another great piece of equipment is a fire escape ladder.  This is especially a great idea if you have a two story household.  When trying to escape a fire and you realize you are two stories high, you may be very afraid to exit from that story.  However, having a fire escape ladder will make the process a lot easier and quicker.

Nobody wants to have to think about the dangers of a fire, but it is important to have house fire safety materials.  Having just those few items may stop a potentially huge fire or may help you escape and save your life.