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Community and Neighborhood Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any given moment.  What helps people survive and evacuate these situations is knowledge of emergency management and help from others.  Neighbors and community members can be a huge help when it comes to making it through an emergency.  Everybody has their own set of skills and strengths that can help the process of evacuation of one or many homes.  Knowing and understanding the skills and strengths of those around you should be used to create an excellent evacuation plan.

First, it is important to understand who is a part of your community and who would be involved as a response team to an emergency.  Becoming familiar with the location of local police stations, fire stations, hospitals, search & rescue stations and other stations is very useful.  These will be important to know if you ever have to be the one to go there and alert them of an emergency.  While familiarizing yourself with the locations, it would also be a great idea to ask them if they have any emergency prevention or preparedness materials available.  These will give you great local tips.

Another great step for preparing for an emergency evacuation is by having a neighborhood meeting.  These neighborhood meetings will help ensure that all of your neighbors have a family evacuation plan that could contribute to help saving lives.  At a neighborhood meeting your family and others can share skills, strengths, and ideas about evacuation.  You should have a goal to develop a neighborhood evacuation plan.  Discuss with your neighbors the safest route to leave your neighborhood in case of an emergency.  Provide a sample evacuation plan, then as a group develop your own.  You should also discuss backups in the event that your escape route is affected by the emergency (i.e.  Flames of a fire are in the way).

In a neighborhood meeting while discussing skills, have people take turns sharing what they think they would be best at in an emergency situation.  Who would be strong enough to carry those who need help?  Who is very good at remaining calm during stressful situations?  Who has lived in the neighborhood the longest and knows the best escape routes?  These are all great issues to plan and sort out before an emergency even occurs.

And don’t forget that the young children can be helpful too!  Fire Station Buddies is an excellent program that provides great children’s books.  These books can help teach your children emergency management skills and provide evacuation instruction for kids.  Be sure to have your children take advantage of these books, and discuss the topic of evacuation with them to help answer any questions they may have.
You can never be too prepared for an emergency.  It is important to understand that there are many people in your own community that could be a great benefit to a neighborhood evacuation plan.