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Preparing and Learning about Natural Disasters
Can be Fun for Kids!

Natural disasters can be a very scary situation for everyone in the family, however it could be even scarier for the young children in the home.  Kids may not be aware of the situation, educated on the possible outcomes, or may not know how to help or react to the situation.  Everything to do with a natural disaster would be unknown to them, and the unknown can be very scary.  So instead of not educating our children about natural disasters, why don’t we give them the tools to not only know what is going on, but to also give them the tools to be able to help the family in an emergency situation.

Learning about natural disasters and their outcomes doesn’t have to be a scary lesson for children.  There are great ways to educate and prepare them without making them terrified.  There are a variety of activities, games, crafts, and kids activity books that could be used.  You could begin by including your children in the family emergency plan if the event of a fire occurred.  Have your child be involved by asking them what the best route out of their bedroom is or what part of the street is the safest to meet up.  Then, as a family you could all practice the escape route, maybe make it a competition and have a prize at the end for the fastest person!

Another great way to make preparing for a natural disaster fun is through reading.  It is a great idea to supply your children with an emergency management book for kids.  Fire Station Buddies has books that are stories a child will get lost in with fascination, but at the same time will be learning emergency essentials.  With a variety of characters that discover talking animals that have been secretly helping fight fires, these stories keep the kids intrigued and eager to learn more.

If your kids are interested in fire fighters, than that is a great way to keep them even more interested in emergency management.  Have your kids learned about the codes?  Code 1, Code 2?  You could teach them response jargon and use it around the house.  For example, when you tell the kids dinner is ready they can respond to you with “Code 2!” meaning “in route”.  They can even learn to spell their name using the Phonetic Radio Alphabet.  Learn more about codes here .

Learning about emergency preparation and natural disasters does not have to be a very scary lesson for children.  Knowledge is power, and in the case of a natural disaster, it could help save lives.  Be sure to take the time to educate your children about natural disasters and the outcomes that may follow.