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Prepare, Practice, Training, Team Work & Command

The Fire Station Buddies is a training program that teaches kids how to prepare for an emergency. Become a Volunteer Fire Buddy today and start your training at Station 2.

Only Fire Buddies Can Know the Secret---

The secret is out about an elite team of wild animals that help fire fighters do their jobs. Could it be real? Is there a cover up to keep these animals a secret?

The Pact - Book 1

Download Chapter 1 of The Pact for FREE .
With summer vacation just weeks away, Jordan and his friends are eager to finish the fifth grade. But first, they have one final report to write - about the new fire station in their quiet little Colorado town. Nothing could be more boring.

But when they check out the old fire station scheduled to be torn down, they discover clues that seem to indicate that somewhere in the mountains there is a group of talking animals that have been secretly helping fight fires. As they try to dig up the truth, they are torn between believing they have stumbled upon an amazing secret and the possibility that it is all one big hoax.

They’d better figure it out soon because their lives may depend on it.

Section 1 - ICS
Fire Buddies Training Manual

Join all the kids and the animals as they start their training with Section 1 of the Fire Buddies Training Manual. The first lesson is on the Incident Command System (ICS) and Jordan and his friends are going to spend one day a week on training with Chief Mark and the Fire Buddies during their summer vacation.

ICS is a standardized managment system that all responders use no matter what kind of event is taking place. The kids will do an exercise, The Orange Incident, to learn how ICS works and who does what. If you want to become the Incident Commander then you need to be certified, trained and have experinece, so don't wait, start training today.

The Fire Buddies Training Manual will be released in sections that you can purchase for a small fee, downoad and print out. Get your kids a 3-ring binder and start on the adventure of becoming an emergency responder.

Kids Preparing For Evacuations

You see smoke coming from the kitchen.  Maybe the police have come to your door and announced that your neighborhood is being evacuated for an incoming hurricane.  Or possibly you have to immediately flee your home due to incoming floods.  Are you prepared for an evacuation?  Many of us may understand that emergencies are a possibility, but how many of us are truly prepared for what may come?

Prevention and Preparedness of House Fires

Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, and fires are just a few common natural disasters.  However, fires can come in many forms that can affect anyone at anytime.  There are house fires, forest fires, and car fires that could all easily hurt or kill us if we were not prepared.  Many of us, especially children, need to learn how to prevent fires.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, year 2009 in the United States, “someone died in a fire every 175 minutes, and someone was injured every 31 minutes”.  These numbers are terrifying.  Because of the frequency of tragedies caused by fires, it is important for adults and children to take a look at the prevention and preparation of fires.

Frequent Natural Disasters Influence the Need for Emergency Preparation

As disasters – natural or man-made – are more frequent than ever, the need for emergency management grows steadily.  Earthquakes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, terrorist activities, hurricanes, all produce the need for the public to be served by both local emergency management personnel and FEMA personnel. These people have a two-fold function: (1) To instruct the public on self-preparedness, such as having a disaster kit and storage area and (2) to actually respond and manage natural disasters and emergencies when they occur. Read More...

Preparing and Learning about Natural Disasters Can be Fun for Kids!

Natural disasters can be a very scary situation for everyone in the family, however it could be even scarier for the young children in the home.  Kids may not be aware of the situation, educated on the possible outcomes, or may not know how to help or react to the situation.  Everything to do with a natural disaster would be unknown to them, and the unknown can be very scary.  So instead of not educating our children about natural disasters, why don’t we give them the tools to not only know what is going on, but to also give them the tools to be able to help the family in an emergency situation.

Community and Neighborhood Emergency Evacuation Plan

Emergencies can happen anywhere at any given moment.  What helps people survive and evacuate these situations is knowledge of emergency management and help from others.  Neighbors and community members can be a huge help when it comes to making it through an emergency.  Everybody has their own set of skills and strengths that can help the process of evacuation of one or many homes.  Knowing and understanding the skills and strengths of those around you should be used to create an excellent evacuation plan. Read More...

Fire Safety Equipment in Your Home

You can never guarantee that your house is safe from fires.  Fires can come toward your home from the outside, they can be started from faulty appliances, or from that candle you left burning in your bedroom.  This is why it is important to prepare your home for what could happen.  Besides fire escape planning, you could also be prepared to stop a fire before it grows.  There are a few pieces of equipment that could come in handy to have in your household in case of a fire. Read More...

What Causes A Fire

Many household items and careless actions can cause a fire.  But scientifically, what causes a fire?  It is a known fact that a fire is created through oxygen, heat, and fuel.  So what items could supply all of these to cause a fire in a house, and office building, or out in the wild?

In a home there are many household items that can easily bring all three necessary ingredients of a fire.  In the kitchen you can find a stove.  Just picture a busy mom trying to cook dinner while reading the recipe from a book, but her children are distracting her in the background.  If the stove is on she already has the heat and oxygen.  If she turns to help a child and accidentally bumps the book into the stove, then this now becomes the fuel for the fire to travel somewhere other than under a pot.  It is very important to make sure you are aware of where and what you are placing next to a hot stove.

What Aspects of Fire Safety to Teach Children

What is fire safety?  Is it understanding to stop, drop, and roll if you’re on fire?  Is it understanding that smoke means a fire is near?  There are many important aspects to fire safety.  A child must learn fire safety in order to protect themselves and others in the case of a fire.  Children must learn about fire detection, fire gear, and the fire safety services offered in the community. Read More...

How It All Began

The Fire Station Buddies were created strategically and with purpose.  Author Karen McHale is a chemical engineer, volunteer firefighter, and an emergency planner.  She has a professional background and knowledge that lead to the beginning of the Fire Station Buddies. Read More...